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In response to a rising wave of religious hysteria in the City, the praetor, M. Aemilius, on orders of the Senate, issued an edict that all illicit books of prophecy and incantation be surrendered to him. At the beginning of the following year Aemilius handed the confiscated material over to the new praetor, P. Cornelius Sulla, and from this source there rather mysteriously emerged two oracles which it was believed had been composed by one Marcius, and illustris uates of long ago (87). The oracles were of course, decemviral fabrications.

C. 47, 6). C. ). 25 assigns to that year a refusal on the part of the Latins to contribute soldiers to a joint Roman-Latin army. (69) C/L, VI, 32326-32335 ; reproduced in G. B. PIGHI, De ludis saecularibus p. R. Quiritium libri sex (Milan, 1941 ; repr. 1965), 137-175. , Hist. , 6) appended to his description of the EXPIATIONS AS VEHICLES FOR COMMUNICATION 35 the Severan or Augustan ages, have certainly been retained from the original ceremony despite the modifications which it later underwent, and they allow us to see how a prodigy and its expiation furnished an occasion to direct a warning to the Latins which they could not fail to notice (71).

C. (113) (And there is no indication of the establishment of a foreign priesthood at Rome earlier than this). Also in the third century the Greek priestesses of Ceres (recruited mainly from Naples and Velia) were brought to Rome and, in this case, since their duties as sacerdotes publicae required it, given the citizenship. C. 186. C. for the date ; THULIN, Etr. Disc, ii, 22 for discussion. (112) Extispicine, being a branch of haruspicial science unconnected with the expiation of prodigies, will not concern us in this study.

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