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By Chris Rowen

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Tensho, which accurately skill 'turning hands', is without doubt one of the major different types of the GoJu college of karate-do. This e-book covers 500 years of the background of this kind including one hundred sixty step by step illustrated directions for its use this present day.

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Kata Tensho by Chris Rowen PDF

Tensho, which accurately capacity 'turning hands', is among the major sorts of the GoJu tuition of karate-do. This ebook covers 500 years of the heritage of this manner including a hundred and sixty step by step illustrated directions for its use this present day.

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Then move the right foot across to be in alignment with the right shoulder so feet are now a shoulder-width apart. D4: SANCHIN DACHI (Hour Glass Stance) With the right foot now one foot’s length in front of the left, twist the heels of the feet slightly outwards, which will turn the toes inwards. Grip the floor with the toes and bend the knees so that the weight is evenly distributed. 48 DACHI D1 Musubi Dachi D2 Heiko Dachi / Yoi Dachi D3 Preparation for Sanchin Dachi D4 Sanchin Dachi 49 KATA TENSHO RIGHT SANCHIN DACHI D5: PREPARATION FOR STANCE CHANGE To move forward in left Sanchin Dachi, straighten the front foot so that the toes are pointing to the front.

U22: EXTENDED Extend the palms forward, ensuring the distance between the side of the body and the elbow is one fist in width. U23: END POSITION Front view Note the distance of the elbows from the body. U24: END POSITION Side view Note how the heels of the palms are an equal distance from the body. NB: PRACTISE MAWASHI UKE REGULARLY ON BOTH SIDES FOR SMOOTH EXECUTION. 44 UKE U21 Rotation U22 Extended U23 End position (front view) U24 End position (side view) 45 KATA TENSHO Sanchin Dachi (hour glass stance) 46 DACHI (Stances) Stances are very important.

Fingers are pulled back and the thumb is pulled in tightly to accentuate the blocking/striking area of the palm heel. K14: SHOTEI OSHI (Palm Heel) Gedan (to Lower Level) This is exactly the same technique, used in a downward trajectory to the Gedan (lower) area. K15: NUKITE (Finger Strike) This is a specialised and very effective striking technique with the back of the hand straight and fingers bent and bunched close together to form a unified striking area. This is then applied with a twisting action.

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