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Biofeedback, neurofeedback and fMRI methodology are briefly explained along with evidence suggesting applied psychophysiology and neuroscience serve as the foundation for research and practice in sport psychology. Four decades of scientific research and practical use of psychological intervention with athletes still has many coaches and athletes skeptical about the value of sport psychology/mental training even though they readily acknowledge the importance of the mind in performance. There are three major reasons for this skepticism: First, there is the misguided belief by coaches that champion athletes are born with talent and athletes either “have it or don’t have it” when a championship is on the line.

Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA): RSA is a measure of the synchrony between heart rate and respiration. When an athlete is in a calm and alert state, the heart-rate rises and falls with each inhalation and expiration. Skin Conductance (SC): Skin conductance is measured by placing electrodes on the fingertips and measuring sweat gland activity. In the literature it is also referred to as either electrodermal response (EDR), skin conductance (SC), or galvanic skin response (GSR). Low stable skin conductivity is an indicator of strong autonomic nervous system function.

New York: Hemisphere. Zaichkowsky, L. , & Kamen, R. (1978). Biofeedback and meditation: Effects on muscle tension and locus of control. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 46, 955-958. Zaichkowsky, L. , & Sime, W. E. (1982). Stress management in sports. Reston, VA: AAHPERD. In: Contemporary Sport Psychology Editor: Robert Schinke ISBN: 978-1-60876-150-0 ©2009 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter 4 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF BEING AN OLYMPIC FAVORITE Peter Haberl United States Olympic Committee1,USA CHAPTER SUMMARY In order to add to the current body of knowledge of Olympic sport psychology service provision, this chapter will focus on a specific situation an athlete or team might find itself in at the Olympic Games, namely that of being the Olympic favorite.

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