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By Richard S. Kayne

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Comparisons and Contrasts collects 11 of Richard Kayne's fresh articles in theoretical syntax, with an emphasis on comparative syntax, which makes use of syntactic alterations between languages to probe the homes of the human language school. Kayne attaches specific value to uncovering the primitives of syntax/semantics, demonstrating the life of silent components which are syntactically and semantically energetic, and displaying their distribution and barriers. He makes an attempt to derive the very life of the noun-verb distinction-and to account for the pointy modifications among nouns and verbs and for the inability of parallelism among them-from the antisymmetric personality of syntax. the typical subject is an exploration of the way broad quite a number questions the sector of syntax can quite try to ask after which solution. Comparisons and Contrasts will entice students and graduate scholars attracted to syntax, semantics, and their results on different parts of linguistics.

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The discussion in Longobardi (1994, 620). 4) might dissolve if, as suggested to me by Viviane Déprez, their prepositional complementizer (di/de) reflects the presence of an unpronounced head noun—cf. 6). 30 Which would amount to saying that there are no null indefinite determiners per se in Italian. On Brazilian Portuguese, which differs from Italian in productively allowing bare singulars, see Schmitt and Munn (2002); on the relevance of French-based creoles, see Déprez (2005). , Italian is not prohibited from having: (121) AMOUNT de la birra which arguably corresponds to the well-formed della birra in sentences like:32 (122) Gianni beveva della birra.

26 (i) The fact that no language has (as far as I know): *Jean a les amis. (‘J has the friends’) with a partitive/indefinite interpretation means that the presence of an overt definite article induces for some reason to be determined the need for an overt preposition. SOME PRELIMINARY COMPARATIVE REMARKS 21 with an unpronounced D, and thereby prohibits French from having (the Italian-like) (94), repeated here:27 (119) *Jean buvait bière. (‘J drank beer’) The pair of generalizations (112)/(113) thus allows bringing together the difference between French and Italian superlatives with the difference between French and Italian bare plurals/mass nouns.

It will take that comet a good hundreds of years to reach us. Again, (142) is sharply worse than the others because it lacks the singular noun called for by a. A related contrast is given by: (143) (144) They come by every two days. They come by every other day. In (143), every is licensed by the presence of a singular noun, either two or NUMBER. 18 We are consequently led to the 17 Strictly speaking, there could perhaps be a singular noun in the structure, as long as it was not accessible to every: i) ii) *We admire every pictures of a cat that we’ve ever seen.

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