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By C. J. Cherryh

ISBN-10: 0886772923

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Nobody at Meetpoint Station had ever obvious a creature just like the Outsider. Naked-hided, blunt toothed and blunt-fingered, Tully was once the only real surviving member of his corporation -- a communicative, spacefaring species hitherto unknown -- and he was once a prisoner of his discoverer/ captors the sadistic, treacherous kif, until eventually his break out onto the hani send The delight of Chanur. Little did he be aware of whilst he threw himself upon the mercy of The delight and her staff that he positioned the complete hani species in jeopardy and imperiled the peace of the Compact itself. For the knowledge this fugitive held may be the wreck or glory of any of the species at Meetpoint Station. conceal paintings by way of Michael Whelan

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It was a thoroughly bad game to have gotten into. She levered her aching body out of the chair it had occupied too many hours, stretched again, calculating that they must be about due for Chur and Geran to come on again. And Hilfy: there had not been a word out of her. Possibly the imp had been late getting to sleep after the news which had broken in on her rest. If she had been sleeping, so much the better. Pyanfar walked out into the corridor and down it, into the dim zone of the bridge, beyond the archway, where most of the lights were out and the dead screens made areas dark which should have been busy with lights.

Pyanfar grinned, suddenly struck with the incongruity of things, squatting here in the dark with a crazed alien and a suit full of uruus carcass, the three of them in insane conspiracy. "Hold it," she ordered Chur, trying to get the belly seam fastened. Chur held the sides together at the bottom and Tully helped at the top, and there it was, sealed and Tully-shaped. "Come," Pyanfar said, taking the feet, and Tully and Chur energetically got purchase on its shoulders, lumbering along with it as the lights recognized their presence and began to go on and off as they traveled.

She found Hilfy for once where she was supposed to be, in her own quarters, asleep. She hesitated when the sleepy voice answered the doorcom hail, no more than hesitated. "Up," she said into the com. " Hilfy was quick to the door. It whipped opened and Hilfy hung there, disheveled from bed and grimacing in the full light of the corridor. She had not paused for clothes. Pyanfar walked in past her, waited while Hilfy brightened the interior lighting, and held up a restraining hand, that the brightening need not be permanent or full.

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