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We also observed that CP has had a difficult time breaking away from the traditions ofmainstream psychological research, but that since the early 1990s there has been an expansion of approaches to doing CP research. public schools. However, between 1 954 and 1964 (the year 1 graduated from college) l leamed a great deal about social justice from the col­ lective struggles of African-American people for desegregation, jobs and voting rights. Although 1 was interested in these social issues 1 did not connect that interest to my own educational goals until 1 saw the connections betvveen global social political, economic and psychological well-being.

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Moane, 2003), which suggests to us that CP needs to push its boundaries to the collective level of analysis. We briefly identify the concep­ . tual tools that flow from the core principies to these specific levels of analysis. We elaborate more fully on these principies and conceptual tools i n Chapters 4-6. Ecology Community psychologists James Kelly, Ed Trickett and colleagues ( Kelly, 1966; Trickett, Kelly & Todd, 1972) introduced the metaphor of ecology to CP. Kelly \. 36 .. ; C O M M U N I T Y PSYCHOLOGY argued that in studying the transactions between people and their environments the metaphor of an eco-system is more appropriate than the dominant mechanis­ tic, reductionistic metaphor used in individual psychology to study basic human processes of learning, cognition, perception and brain-behaviour relations.

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