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By Richard A. Brualdi

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The booklet bargains with the numerous connections among matrices, graphs, diagraphs and bipartite graphs. the elemental thought of community flows is constructed so as to receive lifestyles theorems for matrices with prescribed combinatorical homes and to acquire quite a few matrix decomposition theorems. different chapters conceal the everlasting of a matrix and Latin squares. The publication ends by means of contemplating algebraic characterizations of combinatorical houses and using combinatorial arguments in proving classical algebraic theorems, together with the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem and the Jorda Canonical shape.

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Let a be a function which assigns to each edge of G an integer from the set { I , 2, . . , k + I } .

Thus if G is not a complete graph, the vertex connectivity equals n - p where p is the largest order of a disconnected induced subgraph of G. The edge connectivity of G is the smallest number of edges whose removal from G leaves a disconnected graph or a graph with one vertex. The edge connectivity is no greater than the minimum degree of the vertices of G. The vertex and edge connectivities of the complete graph Kn equal n - 1 . Let G be a graph of order n which is not complete. The algebraic connectivity J-L(G) , the vertex connectivity v(G) and the edge connectivity e ( G) of G satisfy Theorem 2 .

0 Exercises 1. 2. 3. 4. Prove that the complement of a disconnected graph is a connected graph. Determine the spectrum of the complete graph Kn of order n. Show that k is an eigenvalue of a regular graph of degree k. Let G be a graph of order n . Suppose that G is regular of degree k and let Al k, A2 , . . , An be the spectrum of G. Prove that the spectrum of the complement of G is n 1 k, - 1 - A2, . . 1 An. n n n Let f (A) = A + C l A -1 + C2 A - 2 + . . + Cn be the characteristic polynomial of a graph G of order n.

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