Read e-book online CO<sub>2</sub> Corrosion Control in Oil and Gas Production - PDF

By Kermani, M.B.; Smith, L.M. (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 1601191065

ISBN-13: 9781601191069

ISBN-10: 1861250525

ISBN-13: 9781861250520

Addresses the stairs essential to layout oil and gasoline dealing with amenities contemplating key surroundings parameters which impact CO2 corrosion possibility in numerous elements of the amenities. It considers corrosion keep an eye on by utilizing corrosion allowance on metal and deployment of inhibitors. this is often the 1st record which tackles all elements essential to tackle CO2 corrosion layout of all goods of oil box apparatus and amenities incorporating creation, processing and transportation.
entrance subject
• Preface
• desk of Contents
• 1. advent
• 2. Scope
• three. The Mechanism of CO2 Corrosion
four. forms of CO2 Corrosion harm
five. Key Parameters Affecting Corrosion
6. Prediction of the Severity of CO2 Corrosion
7. CO2 Corrosion regulate
eight. Corrosion Allowance selection
nine. layout concerns
• References

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However, if the efficiency of a treatment depends on concentrations, its cost depends on the corresponding quantities. Whence a second notion of 'economic efficiency' (EE), which is the ratio of what is useful to what is paid: EE= CwVw CmeanWtot _-~BSW x P E (12) 100 where OS = oil soluble inhibitors, WS = water soluble inhibitors, PE = partitioning efficiency, EE = economic efficiency, Cmean average inhibitor concentration based on total fluids, C o = concentration in oil, C w = concentration in water, BSW = water cut (%), K - partition coefficient, V w = volume of water, Vto t - total volume, G R i n h = corrosion rate in the presence of inhibitor, CR o = corrosion rate in the absence of inhibitor, and f = inhibitor efficiency.

Corrosion Monitoring Downhole corrosion monitoring capabilities are constrained by problems of access. The addition of equipment for corrosion monitoring and interventions to obtain samples or make measurements is both unwelcome as added costs and in causing possible operational complications. Therefore, apart from basic checks of annulus pressurisation to identify loss of tubing integrity, other methods of corrosion monitoring are not routinely implemented. The techniques that are available may be divided according to whether they provide direct measures of corrosion or are indicators of corrosion risk.

Key ParametersAffecting Corrosion 17 temperature. Localised corrosion only took place where there was no wax deposit. The areas covered with wax were protected from the CO 2 containing solution. The difficulty in controlling this type of localised corrosion with commercial oilfield inhibitors was demonstrated in these laboratory tests [28]. In contrast, field experience of a 20 in. 8 cm) oil line in Indonesia (about 20 km length) showed almost nil corrosion rate during about 10 years service which was attributed to a wax deposit on the pipe wall.

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