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Court cases of a Symposium held may well 25-26, 1970 on the country college of recent York at Buffalo

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With this technique it now becomes possible to study the membrane response to cholinergic agents in a well-defined and controlled environment. Another important conclusion derived from these experiments is that chemical excitation is strictly a membrane phenomenon which does not require any source of energy other than the change of chemical potential of the agonist on one face of the membrane. This result is highly reminiscent of the mechanism of control of a regulatory enzyme by its specific ligand: here, however, it is not the catalytic 38 CHOLINERGIC LIGAND INTERACTIONS activity or the affinity of a substrate which is controlled but the selective permeability of the membrane to ions (Changeux, 1969; Changeux, Blumenthal, Kasai and Podleski, 1970)· SOLUBILIZATION OF A PROTEIN WHICH PRESENTS IN VITRO CHARACTERISTIC PROPERTIES OF THE PHYSIOLOGICAL RECEPTOR FOR ACETYLCHOLINE Using a variety of techniques, several groups of workers (Chagas et al·, 1958; Ehrenpreis, 1960; O'Brien an2T" GiTmour, 1969; O'Brien, Gilmour and Eldefrawi, 1970; LaTorre, Lunt and DeRobertis, 1970) have obtained preparations which bind, more or less specifically, cholinergic effectors.

Wilson, Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sei. (1959). -P. Changeux, M. Kasai, M. -C. Meunier Department de Biologie Moléculaire Institut Pasteur Paris Membrane excitation by cholinergic agonists is commonly followed by measuring the electrical parameters of single cells or tissue fragments· In any case, the response is always studied in conditions where the environment of the excitable membrane is ill-defined· In order to obtain deeper insight into the molecular mechanisms of membrane excitation it appeared necessary for us to simplify the experimental systems.

W. Leuzinger and A. L. Baker, Proc. Sei. A. 57, 446 (1967). 30 Nat. Acad. CHOLINERGIC LIGAND INTERACTIONS W. Leuzinger, A. L. Baker and E. Cauvin, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sei. A. 5£, 620 (1968). W. Leuzinger, M. Goldberg and E. Cauvin, J. Mol. Biol. 4£, 217 (1969). W. Leuzinger, Biochem. J. (in press). -C. Meunier, W. -P. Changeux, Proc. Natl. Acad Sei. A. (in press). D. Nachmanson and I. B. Wilson, Advances in Enzymol. ]L£, 259 (1951). D. Nachmanson, "Chemical and Molecular Basis of Nerve Activity", Academic Press, New York (1959).

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