New PDF release: Chinese medical Qigong therapy: A comprehensive clinical

By Jerry Alan Johnson

ISBN-10: 1885246080

ISBN-13: 9781885246080

By no means prior to within the heritage of chinese language drugs has a publication so complete and thorough on scientific Qigong been to be had to the general public. Written through an American Qigong health care professional who studied greatly in China, this medical textbook presents the 1st entire clarification of the full of life thought of old chinese language clinical Qigong that has for hundreds of years eluded and confounded the West.

Designed specially for the Western brain, this textbook comprises over 1,125 pages of accomplished textual content, and over 775 charts, pictures and illustrations that supply an simply understood version of clinical Qigong Theory.

Key beneficial properties of this textbook contain the following:

*Energetic Embryology
*Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
*Training to acknowledge, increase, and Emit Qi
*Energetic Pathology and Qi Deviations
*Energetic analysis and Symptomatology
*Clinical perform of clinical Qigong Therapy
*Energetic Psychology
*Treating melanoma, Tumors, and different Diseases
*Step-by-Step clinical Qigong Prescriptions
*Establishing a clinical Qigong Clinic
*Scientific proof Proving the Efficacy of scientific Qigong remedy

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Prayers were also given after the kill to free the animal's spirit so that it could return back to the divine. 4 Yang . Yin active . passive creative. · receptive masculine. · feminine front . back left . · right fire. · water hot. cold dry . wet hard. soft light . heavy bright . dark heaven . earth sun . 2. The table above shows some characteristics of Yang and Yin. Below is the Yin/Yang symbol: white represents Yang and black represents Yin. The small circles, one white and the other black, symbolize the fact that Yin is always transforming into Yang and Yang into Yin.

During the certification program, three to five training hours a day accompany the standard sixday-a-week classroom curriculum. Course content, personal mastery of energy extension, and diagnosis techniques are rigorously tested each week. Upon completing the required courses and passing the final exams, the student receives a certificate of completion. Next, a six-month to one-year internship is required at a program-affiliated hospital or clinic. Upon successful completion of this internship, the new doctor is licensed as a doctor of Medical Qigong therapy by the People's Republic of China's Bureau of Scientific Technology.

Q. for their constant support and encouragement, and for sharing their innermost secrets on Medical Qigong therapy. I am very grateful to Dr. , president and secretary general of the Beijing Western District Qigong Science and Research Institute, for his constant support and openness in sharing the knowledge of the Institute's clinical modalities. , of the Zhe Jiang Qigong Hospital for his openness and kindness in sharing his knowledge. , for being my mentor, taking me under his wing, and teaching me advanced clinicalmodalities of energetic diagnosis and treatments, and to Qigong and Taiji Master Zhang Yufei for teaching, supporting, and encouraging my energetic and healing practice.

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