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By H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540132414

ISBN-13: 9783540132417

ISBN-10: 3540388311

ISBN-13: 9783540388319

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Of acetylperoxide PR, glc toluene 61 Fox l/ 60 Eva 1 61 Fox l/ 60 Eva 1 61 Fox 1 61 Fox 1 50 Edw 1 60 Eva 1 61 Fox 1 61 Fox 1 ‘) And radiometricmethods. ‘) PeractiveH-atom. BonifaBb/Asmus Ref. p. / add. ref. CH, + CH,ClI A CH,I + cH,Cl + C,H,CH, -% CH, + C,H,cH, Thermal decomp. 2 k,/k, = 6400(500) 61 Fox 1, 60 Eva 1 e:H, + CH,Br 4 CH,Br + eH, + CsH,CH, b-, CH, + C,H$H, Thermal decomp. of acetylperoxide PR, glc toluene 338 k,fkb = 6. 1O-3 61 Eva l/ 60 Eva 1 338 328.. 0 Solvent e:H, + CH,I A CH,I + CH, + C,H,CH, L CH, + C,H$H, Thermal decomp.

P. 9M-‘s-‘(520%) ethylacetate-& (Polyvinylacetate)’ 22) + 2,2-bis-p-hydroxyphenylpropane(R-OH) 8_ products + R--6 + R-OH.. 8 “) Radicalmixture. 23)Calc. from inhibition rate of polymerization (dilatometric measurement). “) Refersto one reaction center. 26)Inhibition of radical polymerization (dilatometry). “T) Hydrogen bridging with monomer vinylacetate (M). 28)Calculated from k(H)/k(D) values measured at 318K 165Bir 1,67 Sim 1,71 Sim 11. / add. ref. 1 Absolute rate constants of displacement reactions 40 Reaction Radical generation Method [Ref.

50M-‘s-14) titration, HPLC (1O-2 M KOH) + (CH,),COH 82Leml (Dihydrothymine-OH’) 5, + HSCH,CH,NH, SCH,CH,NH, + products Pulse rad. lO’M-‘s-‘~) H2O (Dihydrothymine-OH’) ‘) + HSCH,CH(NH,)COOH --+ Pulse rad. of dihydrothymine + N,O + H,O RT KAS Hz0 (Glucose-OH’) 6, + HSCH,CH,NH, Pulse rad. 10’ M- ’ s- ’ referringto 2(4-CIC,H,),CH~CI, ‘) Radicalsfrom anedosine-5’-monophosphate + OH reaction. ‘) Measured via RSSR; absorption (RS + RS- F= RSSR;). 3, Radicals from cytidine-5’-monophosphate + 6H reaction.

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Carbon-Centered Radicals II by H. Fischer (auth.), H. Fischer (eds.)

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