Capitalism the Creator: The economic foundations of modern by Carl Snyder PDF

By Carl Snyder

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It has frequently been said that economics has made little solid advance in the last century or more. Many new theories have boen put forward; few remain. Some even go so far as to hold that economics can never be more than an academic discussion of methods and principles of trade, finance, and exchange, and that its problems can not be resolved by the methods used in the exact or experimental sciences. And to a certain extent obviously true. But there are also innumerable economic phenomena susceptible to these methods; measurement and correlation.

LORD JEFFREY It was remarkable to see the rapid increase that immediately tookplace in the cotton trade in England as soon as the new inventions were used. Thus, from a little over i million pounds weight of raw cotton imported into Great Britain, the import rose between 1771-75 to over 4 million, then was quadrupled to 18 million pounds weight in 1785, and no less than $6 million in the year 1800. —H. DE B. GIBBINS: Economic and Industrial Frogress of the Century CHAPTER III W H E N POWER CAME OF AGE i.

EARLIER PERIOD FROM VARIOUS ESTIMATES 2,000 WORLD POPULATION *,000 (WILLCOX 500 PULATION OF ASIA (WILLCOX) 200 POPULATION OF EUROP (WILLCOX) 100 50 NORTH AMERICAN. CENSUS 1650 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 II. MOMENTUM OF WORLD POPULATION It now seems an established fact that for some thousands of years, and until after the discovery of America, the world's population increased very slowly—perhaps for ten thousand years or more. Then suddenly an enormous expansion, as depicted in the chart above, showing that the estimate of the world's peoples has quadrupled in about 300 years.

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Capitalism the Creator: The economic foundations of modern industrial society by Carl Snyder

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