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By Flore Veit-Wild, Dirk Naguschewski

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In his semiautobiographical novel, Cyclops, Croatian author Ranko Marinkovic recounts the adventures of younger theater critic Melkior Tresic, an archetypal antihero who comes to a decision to starve himself to prevent combating within the entrance traces of global warfare II. As he wanders the streets of Zagreb in a near-hallucinatory nation of paranoia and malnourishment, Melkior encounters a colourful circus of characters—fortune-tellers, shamans, actors, prostitutes, bohemians, and café intellectuals—all dwelling in a delicate dream of a society approximately to be replaced without end.

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Because of these night raids Deliwe always went to bed as naked as the day she was born. She liked to see the surprise in a policeman’s eyes. She took her time dressing while the policeman shouted and called her a miserable wicked woman. (52) Conclusion In Butterfly Burning, therefore, the colonial city creates new spaces in which newer kinds of body consciousness and sexuality circulate. In Vera’s novel, women seem to be more privileged than their male companions because the space of the city itself tends to liberate and empower them more than it does men.

Pocock (London: Croom Helm, 1981): 85–100. Simone, Abdoumaliq. “Going South: African Immigrants in Johannesburg,” in Senses of Culture, ed. Nuttall & Michael, 426–42. Stoller, Paul. Embodying Colonial Memories: Spirit Possession, Power and the Hauka in West Africa (London & New York: Routledge, 1995). Sassen, Saskia. 2 (2001): 411–18. ] Roots/Routes 29 Vera, Yvonne. Butterfly Burning (Harare: Baobab, 1998). Walsh, Rebecca. 1 (2003): 1–11. Zimunya, Musaemura. Country Dawns and City Lights (Harare: Longman, 1985): 50.

The migrant who takes a chance in the city wants to travel light, without an address and a name that would trace his route to his past or fix his identity in a new location. ”9 Zandile, Phephelaphi’s real mother, as she walks down the street, comments on the changes that have taken place across gender upon the migrant’s arrival and disappearance into the city. 10 9 David Atkinson, “Nomadic Strategies and Colonial Governance: Domination and Resistance in Cyrenacia, 1923–1932,” in Entanglements of Power: Geographies of Domination / Resistance, ed.

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