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By W. E. Johns

Professor Max Beklinder has disappeared. he's the inventor of Linderite explosive, a Lucranian via beginning yet British through naturalization. The Professor was once engaged on a mystery poison gasoline for the British whilst he was once pronounced as having been killed in a vehicle coincidence in Unterhamstadt in Lucrania. Biggles is distributed to determine if he's quite lifeless and if now not, to get him again. Algy flies over to Lucrania and Biggles and Ginger parachute down. They intend to pose as British travelers and check out to set up the reality in regards to the Professor's dying. It's now not lengthy sooner than they detect the Professor's Morris Ten automobile thoroughly undamaged, hidden in a close-by citadel. Staying at a lodge in Unterhamstadt, Biggles and Ginger trigger to discover the vault the place the Professor is supposedly buried. In his coffin, they locate simply books, yet a mysterious woman has them. the lady is staying at Biggles and Ginger's resort. The neighborhood police raid the inn and trap the "girl" and it seems that it truly is a guy in hide - Beklinder's son. Lucrania is below the heel of 1 of its neighbours, and a local of that nation is accountable for the police. Erich von Stalhein is on the lodge checking the names of the visitors and is shocked to come across of his outdated foes. With mins to spare, Biggles and Ginger get away right into a mystery passage that leads from room 17 within the inn to the citadel. The passage leads in the back of the citadel partitions and Ginger comes throughout a undercover agent gap right into a room that's getting used as von Stalhein's place of work. To Ginger's astonishment he sees that Algy is a prisoner! Von Stalhein additionally has Professor Beklinder as a prisoner. The Professor threatens von Stalhein with a few robust explosive he has made yet von Stalhein has a trump card to play within the type of Beklinder's captured son. Beklinder has at hand the explosive over. Von Stalhein plans to take the Beklinders away and Biggles and Ginger recognize they have to cease this. They seize the auto taking the Beklinders out of the fortress and race to discover Algy's airplane however it is just too past due as von Stalhein has had the aircraft got rid of. Biggles has a plan and tells Ginger that he and the Beklinders needs to meet him at a undeniable rendezvous at 12.20 a.m. meanwhile they're to conceal up on the vault whereas Biggles attempts to organise a few delivery. within the vault, the Professor tells Ginger that there's additionally a mystery passage from the vault to the fortress. utilizing this, Ginger returns to rescue Algy, whatever he succeeds in doing with slightly aid from Beklinder's explosive. Ginger and Algy rush to the vault and locate that the Beklinders have already trigger. Catching up with them, the 4 males wait on the rendezvous, yet already the warriors are out monitoring them with canine. in the meantime Biggles has long past to Prenzel, as he understands commonplace mail airplane leaves for Croydon at nighttime. He hopes to cajole the pilot to assist him. issues don't fairly visit plan and Biggles has to scouse borrow the airplane. He flies to the rendezvous and is simply in time to load his passengers aboard and make a determined flight again to England.

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