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By Martin Heidegger

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A revised translation of Heidegger's most crucial work.

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It equally allows him to debunk the utopian pretensions of scientific socialism. ”18 Or without dragging the eternal into the temporal or the temporal into the eternal. It marks what happens either when, not unlike the eternal, the temporal is what happens once for all or, conversely, when, not unlike the temporal, the eternal is what happens once for all. The eternal marks time, and the kairos then hangs on neither chance nor necessity, but on the ephemeral and the contingent. And it only is when chance or necessity is determined by the contingent alone that freedom is not freed loose from itself but is assumed.

22 Unlike nature, which promotes survival of the fittest, and history, which promotes survival of the strongest, technology, because of its ethical neutrality, promotes no final solution but with infinite possibilities of choice for whose determination there is no other instrument than the human phenomenon itself. ” No more than “history can be fulfilled within history,”23 can nature be fulfilled within nature, unless they are transcended, transfigured even as physis is by nomos and sinfulness by grace — or as the human being is by being human and nature; not by history its alter ego, but by creation “out of nothing” or the New Creation.

20 Or else no God is God. And neither the profane nor the demonic, much less the sacred, but only the secular can confront us with this kind of alternative. Tillich, for his part, is warming up to the secular, though perhaps he would still hate to admit it. [ IV ] Even while he recognizes that in American usage ‘profane’ has in fact been replaced by ‘secular,’ Tillich seems bent on not yielding to the proclivity of his own thinking, even I dare say at the expense of his own logic. ”21 No wonder: wholly alien to holiness and the sanctification of all that is, the profane is and remains under the spell of the sacred.

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