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Surroundings a brand new benchmark in martial arts literature, this thoroughly revised variation has been up-to-date to mirror the evolution of educating tools, either one of the writer and of the martial arts global regularly. once more this crucial handbook is obviously illustrated with images and diagrams, yet in addition, it now encompasses a entire set of educating drills, with key footwork and proposal linking tools. struggling with perform, fence paintings, and energy and conditioning also are incorporated during this entire remodeling of a vintage ebook. learn the way Wing Chun works, why it's so powerful in perform and why its tools vary so considerably from different martial arts.

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Used to retreat and realign under pressure, the normal stance is caused to collapse 48 Beginning Wing Chun_INSIDE_SPREA48 48 19/09/2006 09:28:37 THE BASIC SHAPES AND FOOTWORK TYPES OF WING CHUN backwards and slightly sideways. Allow your stance to be pressed and let the enemy do the work for you. The front leg needs to slide back over to cover the new central axis line, turn the front foot inward to protect the groin and rear leg and also to prevent foot sweeping. Two further variations are then possible: a) Shuffle step: stepping again and to the same side.

Unlike most other actions, Bong Sau will not work going backwards. Pic. 17a Pic. 17b Bong Sau is overused by many Wing Chun practitioners; it is only shown once on each side in Siu Nim Tau, whereas Fook Sau is shown specifically three times in the first section of Siu Nim Tau form and many other times conceptually. There are only three reasons for ever performing Bong Sau: 1. Your punching hand has been taken off its intended line towards the central axis by an on target defence – the elbow then takes up the line and continues down the original path, creating Bong Sau.

BEGINNING WING CHUN Contact reflexes also give the mind more time to concentrate on other aspects, like strategy. Without the use of this method, it would be necessary to see and understand the nature of each attack, choose an appropriate defence and then act accordingly. This is not necessary with a contact reflex as the response is immediate. The exercises and drills of Wing Chun train the arms and hands to act as sensors to enable us to feel the direction, strength and speed of threats. The movements and hand shapes that we use are a result of our opponent’s actions.

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