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36 BAHA’I FAITH ThE CoLLaPsE of BaBisM For the surviving Babis, however, the Bab’s death was a disaster. In a few months they had lost not only the Bab but also most of the Letters of the Living. Mulla Husayn had died in the siege at Shaykh Tabarsi, and Vahid at Nayriz. Quddus, the gentle young man and Letter of the Living whom the Bab called “Most Holy,” was dragged through the streets in chains and finally tortured to death. In despair two young Babis attempted to kill the shah. They did not seriously harm him but the attempt aroused a new wave of violence against people who had done nothing but declare their faith in a man of peace and love.

M. ) remarkable events surrounding the execution of the Bab. The army jailers suspended the Bab and one of his young followers by ropes from the top of a wall. A firing squad of 750 Armenian Christian soldiers lined up facing them. The order to fire was given. The rifles made a deafening roar and black smoke filled the entire area. When the smoke cleared the Bab’s companion stood by the wall, unhurt. The Bab had disappeared. Searchers found him in his room calmly dictating to his secretary. The original firing squad was so shaken by what had happened that they refused to continue.

Nevertheless he managed to establish contact with the Baha’is in Iran. And it was at this time that he also wrote one of the great works of Baha’i scripture, the Kitabi-Aqdas, or Most Holy Book. Gradually his profound goodness and faith began to win over his jailers, and the prisoners’ situation improved. The penal colony at Acre was a grim and terrible place. It was a prison city where the worst criminals from all over the Ottoman Empire were sent. It lay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and was constantly awash in its tides.

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