Atlas of World Population History (Hist Atlas) by Colin McEvedy, Richard M. Jones PDF

By Colin McEvedy, Richard M. Jones

ISBN-10: 0140510761

ISBN-13: 9780140510768

The ebook information inhabitants adjustments in each sector of the planet from four hundred BC to 1978 advert. McEvedy and Jones used seventy line graphs and accompanying observation textual content to explain inhabitants adjustments in seventy areas. the single unfavorable point of this e-book is that the authors estimates of pre-European, local American populations are significantly below such a lot different estimates and appear a little bit outmoded. whereas many books describe inhabitants alterations, few conceal any such large breadth of house and time and few supply quite a bit info so without delay. This publication is far liked and different books like this would definitely be welcome.

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Literary Awards
Wolfson background Prize (2013)

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1,. _. c a series offigures for the late classical and medieval periods n/itch seen! i’ery reasonable to us. His first figure is compatible with i/it’ range proposedfor the late Iron Age by G. cuggested kv Beloch in ‘Die Beriilkerung Europas in, Mine/alter’. Zeitschrift für Socialwissenschaft 3: 405—423 (1900). Another series of’figures. this tune covering the period 1200—1800. is given hi the Jahrbuch für Nationalbkonomic und Statistik 1935 (quoted kr Clark. p. 95). For the early cetisuses hi i/ic itidii’idual German states see E.

Even so the total effect of 2m war dead, 14m other ‘excess deaths’ (mostly due to mal nutrition and disease in the later stages of the Civil War), 2m emigrants and a lOm birth deficit was only to put the 1925 population back to the 1910 level. Stalin and the Second World War be tween them were to do about double this amount of damage. The military death roll reached a staggering lOm (many of them must have been originally prisoners of war who did not survive their captivity or, at least, did not return from it), other ‘excess deaths’ totalled l5m and the birth deficit has been calculated at 20m.

4 ::::::E::z~___ zT~I I INT fl-WAR GERMANY- 75 70 — GERMAN -CONFEDERATION--i--&EMPIREI-~ I ‘ —ff~(e4) ZZZZEEEL I I ~ 50 —HOLY — ROMAN EMPIRE (less Italy)- — Primary Sources There are al,nost no data on which to base a population estimate for Germany until ire reach the late Middle Ages. Then there are sonic tax records supplemented in the 16 i/i century by paris/i registers. The first enumerations were carried out in the 18th century but of course relate only to individual states. This unsatisfactory fragmentation Has brought to an end by the first pan-Germati census, held in 1853.

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