Atlas of leaf venation and oil gland patterns in the - download pdf or read online

By Ian Brooker; Dean Nicholle

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A. 80 mm Visible oil gland frequency 100 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ ϱŵŵ E. conveniens. A. 10 mm Visible oil gland frequency 220 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ ϱŵŵ E. gittinsii subsp. gittinsii (northern sandplain mallee). A. 30 mm Visible oil gland frequency 370 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ E. selachiana. A. 70 mm Visible oil gland frequency 290 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ E. roycei (Shark Bay mallee). A. indd 43 29/03/13 12:54 PM 44 ƵĐĂůLJƉƚƵƐƐƵďŐĞŶƵƐƵĚĞƐŵŝĂ ^ĞĐƟŽŶ>ŝŵďĂƚĂĞƐĞƌŝĞƐĚĞŶƚĂƚĂĞ  ‘‘–›’‹… •‡”‹‡•ǡ …‘ϐ‹‡† –‘ –Š‡ •ƒ†› †‡•‡”– Adult leaves concolorous, dull, grey-green, waxy; regions of Western and South Australia.

Sect. Incognitae Šƒ˜‡ —”‡•‘Ž˜‡† ƒˆϐ‹‹ties, but share many morphological characteristics with E. sect. Latoangulatae and E. sect. Maidenaria. Adult leaves strongly discolorous (Inclusae and Latoangulatae) or concolorous (Similares and Incognitae), glossy or dull, green to blue-green; intramarginal veins moderately-distanced to very close to leaf edge; secondary veins mid-angled to very widely-angled, closely-spaced in Inclusae and Latoangulatae; tertiary venation moderate to extremely dense; with very scattered to extremely numerous, island or intersectional oil glands.

Adult leaves discolorous, slightly glossy and green above, paler below; intramarginal veins close to moderately-distanced from leaf edge; secondary veins widely-angled, pinnation dense; tertiary venation dense to very dense; with scattered (one per areole but in not all areoles) to numerous (one per areole), small and irregularly-shaped, island oil glands. 24 mm Visible oil gland frequency 600 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ ϱŵŵ C. torelliana (cadaghi). Nicolle 6440; Kuranda, far north Qld. Adult leaf. 28 mm Visible oil gland frequency 350 cm-2 Ϯ͘ϱŵŵ ϭϬŵŵ C.

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