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Athenian Politics examines the constraints and difficulties attendant upon using conventional assets to appreciate Athenian background. proposing, in translation, almost the entire resources from which students have drawn their conclusions approximately historical Athenian society--from modern bills and stone inscriptions to Egyptian papyri--Stanton demanding situations the way in which students have seen old Athens. protecting the interval from the reforms of Solon to the constitutional adjustments of Kleisthenes, Athenian Politics explores democracy's paradoxical emergence from the activities of an undemocratic noble elite.

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The fact that Solon was a noble, whose appointment was agreed to by noble leaders, must be central to any estimation of Solon’s work. 4 As interpreted by the author of the Athenaion Politeia, this would be one fragment of Solon’s poetry where he aligns himself with the poorer people against the rich (‘you’ versus ‘we’). But elsewhere, in Fragment 6 [24], the idea of ambitious minds gaining a surfeit of wealth refers to the poorer people; Solon there associates himself with the powerful and advises them on how to handle the common people.

If he did not return to Athens when the ten years had finished, he might conceivably have met Kroisos in the 550s. 1 [50]. 1 [47] gives Solon’s reasons as ‘trade together with travel’. But the trade may merely have been sufficient to finance his travel in a world without coinage (let alone credit cards): see note 2 on [47]. 6 in [50]). 6 [102C]). There is even a fragment of papyrus of the third century AD recording an unknown author who wrote: [is sai]d to have [l]eft Attike [after binding] the Atheni[a]ns [with] a sol[emn oath to retain the] l[aws] enacted [b]y him [until he] returned [to th]em, and [taken up residence] in th[is] Soloi.

ATTIKE BEFORE SOLON 19 of unencumbered property worth not less than 10 minas; they elected the other, less important officials from those who could provide themselves with military equipment and the Strategoi and Hipparkhoi from those who declared their unencumbered property to be worth not less than 100 minas and who had legitimate sons, born in wedlock, over 10 years of age. 3 (3) There was to be a Council of Four Hundred and One, chosen by lot from those who possessed the franchise. Men over 30 years of age were to be eligible for this and the other offices governed by lot; no one was to hold the same office twice until everyone else had had a turn; after this the lot was to be cast over again.

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