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Visnu holds a divinity of optimum rank one of the Hindus. within the current paintings, the writer has made an try and caricature the most gains within the personality of Visnu as they seemed in numerous a long time. The e-book is split into 3 chapters. bankruptcy one sketches the starting place of Visnu: his personality, trademarks, attributes, incarnations, comparative prestige, and so on. bankruptcy offers with Sri, Visnus woman accomplice. bankruptcy three describes a number of the salient positive aspects of Visnus cul

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An often quoted text which is very illustrative of this characteristic is AV. 7 ,2 6 ,8 ; V S. 5,19; TS. 1,2, 13, 2 etc. “From the sky, o Visnu, or also from the earth, from the great wide atmosphere, o Visnu, fill thy hands abundantly with good things; and bestow them from the right and from the left”. Now, AV. 7, 26 forms part of a series of texts *) addressed, according to KausS. 5 9,19 to Prajäpati — a particular worthy of notice — by a man who desires various benefits. Other texts, however, have the stanzas of 7, 26 used in connection with the presenting of oblations to Visnu and with other acts which form part of the ritual.

Engnell, Studies in divine kingship in the ancient N ear E ast, U ppsala 1943, p. 21 f . ; 54 f . e. (w ith biblographical references). g. J. A. J. , H et boogste wezen bij de M anggaraiers [island of F lo res], S tadia instituti Anthropos, W ien-M ödling 1951, p. 10 etc. American instances of a ‘sun-god’ as rain-giver: H . K. Haeberlin, in the Memoirs of the Am. Anthrop. Ass. 3 (1916), p. 13. VISNU. 27 the idea of fertility for rural life all over the world. This idea has been, and still is, fa r and wide the centre of a more or less ‘primitive’ world concept.

1, 3, 38) “Let Tvastar, Visnu, giving liberally, together with offspring, assign wealth to the sacrificer”. As far as may be seen from KausS. 3 5,16 the stanza probably formed part of a text which was used in a women’s rite intended to procure the birth of a son. The deities addressed in the corresponding stanza V S. 8, 17, which is ritually used during the concluding ceremonies of the soma sacrifice (cf. g. SB. 4 ,4 ,4 ,9 ) are, apart from the two mentioned, Dhätar, Savitar and Prajäpati, who, each in his particular way, were credited with vivifying, creative and generative facul­ tie s47).

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