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By Geoff Thompson

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Throughout the struggle or flight syndrome we adventure what's referred to as 'mid mind' the place we aren't discernable from animals and our basically main issue is that of survival. Our intuition in mid mind then is 'to run' away in place of 'stand and fight'. This intuition is deeply embedded in our genes and is going again hundreds of thousands of years to our Mammalian ancestry the place assailants have been too nice to face and struggle and 'flight' used to be continuously the favoured reaction. The artwork of posturing works in this confirmed premise and teaches you the way to set off mid mind in a possible assailant and actually frighten him into 'flight intuition' (so that he runs away) and beat him with out changing into actual. It additionally is helping to give an explanation for (and for that reason supply solace) why we think like working clear of all confrontational moments in lifestyles and the way we will be able to teach ourselves and our scholars to beat this traditional intuition whilst probably runninf away isn't really in our greatest pursuits.

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Rather like a boxer who constantly flicks a jab into his opponent’s face, even if that jab does not hurt his opponent it keeps him at bay. If his opponent wants to employ his Knock Out blow he first has to find away past his opponent’s jab-to the boxer the jab is the fence around his factory. In practical terms the ‘fence around your factory’ is your lead hand, placed in that all-important space between you and your antagonist to maintain a safe gap. Like the factory fence the lead hand will not keep an aggressor at bay for ever –just long enough for you to initiate verbal dissuasion, escape or a pre-emptive attack – but it will place you in charge, even though your aggressor may not know it.

If you can spot the ritual in the early stages you can avoid attack. Attackers look for victims, and the ideal victim is in Code White, mentally and/or environmentally: those daydreaming or detached from the herd. Selection often occurs in sparsely populated locations, the mugger wanting as little fuss as possible in the execution of his attack. He favours the quiet park/street/entry etc. This does not mean that people are safe in highly populated areas like shopping malls or busy streets. Very often the mugger stalks such places for victims, after selection following them to a 48 The Art of Fighting Without Fighting safe attack zone like the car park.

To avoid and/or escape the fight scenario, you need to understand the ‘cursory glancer’. These are his ritualistic steps: – – – – – – 42 You may catch the eye of someone across a crowded room or a street, the look lingers. ’ A physical approach follows. ’ He then generally progresses to an actual challenge or attack. ’ Often the assailant will attack at ‘actual challenge’. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting – If he does not, as a pre-cursor to violence, he will often drop into single syllables that act as subliminal action triggers to his attack.

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