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By Enrique Ramos Melgar, Ciriaco Castro Díez, Przemek Jaworski

ISBN-10: 1430241683

ISBN-13: 9781430241683

If you've performed a few Arduino tinkering and questioned the way you may possibly include the Kinect—or the opposite direction around—then this ebook is for you. The authors of Arduino and Kinect tasks will aid you create 10 awesome, inventive initiatives, from uncomplicated to advanced. You'll additionally the right way to comprise Processing on your venture design—a language similar to the Arduino language.

The ten initiatives are conscientiously designed to construct in your abilities at each step. beginning with the Arduino and Kinect an identical of "Hello, World," the authors will take you thru a various diversity of initiatives that exhibit the large variety of chances that open up while Kinect and Arduino are combined.

* Gesture-based handheld remote control. keep an eye on units and residential home equipment with hand gestures.
* Kinect-networked Puppet. Play with a actual puppet remotely utilizing all your physique.
* temper Lamps. construct your personal set of responsive, gesture controllable LED lamps.
* Drawing robotic. keep watch over a drawing robotic utilizing a Kinect-based tangible desk.
* Remote-controlled automobile. Use your physique gestures to manage a sensible vehicle.
* Biometric Station. Use the Kinect for biometric acceptance and checking physique Mass Indexes.
* 3D Modeling Interface. how to use the Arduino LilyPad to construct a wearable 3D modelling interface.
* 360º Scanner. construct a turntable scanner and experiment any item 360º utilizing just one Kinect.
* Delta robotic. construct and keep an eye on your personal speedy and exact parallel robotic.

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The algorithms that NITE or other middleware use to extract this information from the depth map fall way beyond the scope of this book, but if you are curious, you can read Hacking the Kinect by Jeff Kramer et al (Apress, 2012), in which you will find a whole chapter on gesture recognition. Kinect Drivers and Frameworks In order to access the Kinect data streams, you will need to install the necessary drivers on your computer. Because of the rather complicate story of this device, there are a series of choices available that we will detail next.

Download and install Primesensor. org/downloadfiles/opennimodules/openni-compliant-hardware-binaries/31latest-unstable Install the Kinect driver. com/avin2/SensorKinect If everything worked out, you should see the camera in your Device Manager (under Primesensor: Kinect Camera, Kinect Motor). You can now download and install the Simple-OpenNI Processing library. Installation in Mac OS X If you are working on Mac OSX, this is your lucky day! Max Rheiner made an installer that goes through the whole installation process automatically.

If you comment it out (temporarily remove it by adding // to the beginning of the line), you will see that the circles are drawn on top of the previous ones. void draw() { background(255); ellipse(timer, height/2, 30, 30); timer = timer + 1; } Now you are ready to run your sketch. Press the Run button at the top-left of your Processing IDE (marked with a red arrow in Figure 3-3) and you will see a new window open with a white circle running to the right side. Well, that was your first Processing sketch!

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