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On of Waler a'1d Ethvl Alcohol at Diilerent Temperatures (in dynes,cm) I (). 4 II. J j II M,,(W";JliIl ELlonite .. ~. YllCS,cm II 'li,1 SL1~)staIlcC' Surf;lce I d;ll1C's,;crn kilsion. --T--~--i;-----------·--~-- Acetic acid Acetone. Anili lle . • Benzene . Butvric ;:cid C,\stOf oil. : 1)7" l). 7 . 'tlZellC oil . ~ (I () II . 27 .! ~17~: ~ cc '-~"-'--- Bismuth ________ 1 Lead Joo----·I 400 ~()O "m 11 Mercury SodhI'" ~ ~()O .. CC' T,_'mper:ltuf,-', 400 500 71 TABLES CH. II. V\Olsttlre contt'nl.

28. Displacement of particles OJ water in propagation of sound waves. Fig. 29. Acceleration of ~articles of water in propavatiOIl of sound waves. r::=:j==r-=T+1=:::J=:=r:::-fI 1011 8Jf- ,,60 I-~'f--:--~-I ~. 3() water \· . ' 1ch'itv of p:trljl,'l· in (If propagation of soulld waves~ 92 CH. Ill. MECHANICAL OSCILLATIONS AND WAVE MOTION 93 TABLES AND GRAPHS Table 60 Sound Intensity and Sound Pressure Corresponding to the Main Frequencies of the Decibel Scale Decibel scale Sound i ntensi ty. ·'att,fcm \ Sound pressure.

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