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Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus' contributions to political and cultural research make him some of the most very important writers of the 20th century. Camus' writing has been seriously researched and analyzed in academia, with many students focusing on the formal tri-part constitution he adhered to in his later paintings: the cycle that divided his books into levels of the absurd, uprising, and love. but different facets of Camus' work—his preoccupation with modernity and its organization with Christianity, his fixations on Greek inspiration and classical imagery—have been mostly ignored through serious research. those matters of Camus' have lengthy deserved severe research, and Ronald D. Srigley ultimately will pay them due cognizance in Albert Camus' Critique of Modernity.

The effortless, chronological readings of Camus' cycles understand them as basic advancement—the absurd is undesirable, uprising is best, and love is healthier of all. but the trouble with that point of view, Srigley argues, is that it ignores the relationships among the cycles. because the cycles development, faraway from denoting development, they describe reviews that develop darker and extra violent.

Albert Camus' Critique of Modernity additionally ventures into new interpretations of seminal works—The fantasy of Sisyphus, The Rebel, and The Fall—that remove darkness from Camus' critique of Christianity and modernity and his go back to the Greeks. The ebook explores how these texts relate to the cyclical constitution of Camus' works and examines the constraints of the venture of the cycles as Camus initially conceived it.

Albert Camus' Critique of Modernity offers the decisive imaginative and prescient of that final undertaking: to critique Christianity, modernity, and the connection among them and in addition to revive the Greek knowledge that have been eclipsed by means of either traditions. unlike a lot present scholarship, which translates Camus' matters as sleek or maybe postmodern, Srigley contends that Camus' ambition ran within the wrong way of history—that his valuable target used to be to articulate the topics of the ancients, highlighting Greek anthropology and political philosophy.

This e-book follows the trajectory of Camus' paintings, analyzing the constitution and content material of Camus' writing via a brand new lens. This overview of Camus, in its special approach and standpoint, opens up new avenues of analysis concerning the accomplishments of this famous thinker and invigorates Camus stories. A completely sourced textual content, Albert Camus' Critique of Modernity makes a invaluable source for research of existentialism, modernity, and sleek political inspiration.

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