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By Donald B. Redford

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Describes the area of Akhenaten, a ruler of old Egypt who tried to introduce monotheism via worship of the sunlight.

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Literary Awards
Wolfson heritage Prize (2013)

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The descendants of Hammurapi still ruled the Tigris-Euphrates plain from their magnificent capital at Babylon, and fledgling states, among them Assyria, maintained a precarious existence on Babylon's periphery. In Syria three great states centered upon three major cities, whose political gravitational pull acted upon smaller settlements of less importance over wide areas. North Syria was dominated by Aleppo, ruling over the state of Yamkhad; while the Orontes basin owed allegiance to mighty Qatanum.

Similarly, the Canaanite goddesses of fertility Anat and Kadesha found places on the periph ry of the Egyptian pantheon; and Reshef the Canaanite god of war enjoyed a cult center somewhere in the Delta. Though the presence of these alien deities in Egypt must be set down to the religious needs of the new resident Canaanites, these strange foreign gods began shortly to exert an attraction on native Egyptians. Their names were transliterated into hieroglyphic, their representations cast in an Egyptian style, and occasionally their myths were even translated into Egyp­ tian.

A letter, fascinating because of its lack of con­ vention, which he sent to the viceroy of Nubia, was set on stone by this flattered worthy, and has luckily survived. ) and the venue the harem. The king, the text tells us, was drinking wine (which in part explains the tenor of the missive). ]" of various cities in Syria. Each is contemptuously identified metaphorically as a female: Sangar is a slave-girl, Byblos a maidservant, Alalakh* a little girl, and Arapkha an old woman. "And the Takhsians,"* continues Pharaoh, "they have nothing at all!

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