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By M. Bazzano

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This selection of essays by way of top exponents of latest Buddhism and psychotherapy brings jointly appreciation and demanding overview of Mindfulness, a phenomenon that has swept the psychological health and wellbeing box over the past twenty years. The sheer variety and intensity of craftsmanship assembled the following remove darkness from the present presentation of Mindfulness.

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Buddhist practice is primarily concerned with unhooking from this attachment to self-invested view. As we saw in the Satipatthana Sutta, by observing the detail of the process in as objective and unbiased a way as possible, the practitioner develops clear sight, and minimises the effect of self-building. Other-centred therapy puts its focus primarily on the perceptual experience. By recognising that the mental structures and the world view are mutually conditioning—that because we perceive things according to our need for identity, our view is built on preconceptions, and that perception, in turn, supports the maintenance of the sense of self— the approach tends to look upon the world view aspect of this cyclical relationship as the point most amenable to modification.

As such, it sits on the knife-edge between the psychological and spiritual. Just as the Satipatthana Sutta brings together the mundane observance of bodily process with the most profound teachings of the Buddhist faith, so too, as we engage the object world, we see in the particular things that we encounter both mundane objects and windows into the spiritual dimension. Another way to think about mindfulness, therefore, is as remembrance of the sacred. While modern psychotherapy has attempted to divorce itself from notions of the mystical, it is impossible to truly construe a system of thought relating to mental health that does not embrace this dimension.

And Kabat-Zinn, J. (eds) Contemporary Buddhism, 12, 281–306. Saiko, G. (2001) ‘Dharma-based Person-Centered Approach in Japan’, paper presented at the 8th International Person-Centered Approach Forum in Japan, 2001. Thanissaro, B. than. html (accessed 6 June 2013). 3 The Everyday Sublime Stephen Batchelor The Experience of the Everyday Sublime Meditation originates and culminates in the everyday sublime. I have little interest in achieving states of sustained concentration in which the sensory richness of experience is replaced by pure introspective rapture.

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