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Martial prowess had served to distinguish the Spring and Autumn aristocrats, but as the violence that their culture demanded became widespread and frequent, aristocratic society had functionally destroyed itself. Obviously, the scope and frequency of violence had to be diminished, but in the process the function of warfare and violence also changed. Technological changes in weaponry, including changes in individual martial skills and unit tactics, prevented any reconstitution of the aristocratic class, and permanently altered the relationship of commoner society to the martial arts.

Standing with his back to the drop and with half of his foot over the edge, he invited Liezi to join him. Halberds (Ji) and Spears 43 Liezi was already trembling when he saw his friend walk toward the edge of the cliff. Now, at the thought of standing with his back to an abyss, he fell on his face and broke into a cold sweat. Liezi’s friend then said, “The master archer can fire an arrow under any condition. Whether he sees the clear sky or faces the yawning abyss, he can still shoot with the same state of mind.

This was particularly problematic for the knightly class who had hitherto stood on the lowest rung of aristocratic society. Chariot warfare had drawn more members of the elite, including the knights, into warfare during the Spring and Autumn period, diluting to some extent the distinction of fighting from a chariot. Of even greater significance, however, was the shift toward specialization in skills among the elite. Exactly when and why this began is unclear, but by the Warring States period, more professional generals and administrators were working for the various states in roles formerly filled by favored nobles or family members of the court.

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