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3 Fire Alarm System Devices (Any Type) Including Smoke and Sprinkler Alarm Devices Control panel. Station. 10" gong Pre-signal chime. Any other item on same system—use numbers as required. 4 Staff Register System Devices (Any Type) Phone operators' register. Entrance register—flush. Staff room register. Transformer. Any other item on same system—use numbers as required. 5 Electric Clock System Devices (Any Type) Master clock. 12" secondary—flush. 12" double dial—wall mounted. 18" skeleton dial.

Pump A may be compared to a battery or a generator driven by some external force, Figure 1-7 Analogy of direct current. 10 Chapter 1 and wheel B may be compared to a DC motor, with the current flowing steadily in the direction represented by the arrows. This may also be represented as in Figure 1-8. Graph representation of direct current (DC). Figure 1-8 Now, if generator A in Figure 1-7 were alternately slowed down and speeded up, the current would be under more pressure when the pump was speeded up and less pressure when the pump slowed down, so the water flow would pulsate in the same direction as represented in Figure 1-9.

Gauss (G): Unit of magnetic flux density, equal to one line of magnetic flux (maxwell) per square centimeter. Maxwell (Mx): Unit of magnetic flux, one magnetic line of flux. Ampere-turn (At): The magnetomotive force produced by a coil, derived by multiplying the number of turns of wire in the coil by the current in amperes through it. Oersted (Oe): Unit of magnetizing force equal to 1000/4␲ ampere-turns per meter. 18 Chapter 2 Permeability (␮): Expresses the ratio of magnetic flux density produced in a magnetic substance to the magnetic field intensity that occasions it.

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