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'Space is enormous. rather tremendous. you simply won't think how greatly, highly, mind-bogglingly enormous it's. I suggest, you might imagine it's far down the road to the chemist, yet that's simply peanuts to space.' - Douglas Adams, "Hitch-hiker's consultant to the Galaxy". We humans have hassle with infinity - but infinity is a shockingly human topic. Philosophers and mathematicians have long gone mad considering its nature and complexity - but it's a notion frequently utilized by schoolchildren. Exploring the limitless is a trip into paradox. here's a volume that turns mathematics on its head, making it possible that 1 = zero. here's a idea that permits us to cram as many additional site visitors as we love into an already complete resort. so much bizarrely of all, it truly is fairly effortless to teach that there needs to be whatever greater than infinity - whilst it definitely can be the most important factor that can in all likelihood be. Brian Clegg takes us on a desirable journey of that borderland among the super huge and the last word that takes us from Archimedes, counting the grains of sand that might fill the universe, to the most recent theories at the actual fact of the endless. filled with unforeseen delights, no matter if St Augustine considering the character of construction, Newton and Leibniz scuffling with over possession of calculus, or Cantor suffering to publicise his imaginative and prescient of the transfinite, infinity's fascination is within the method it brings jointly the typical and the extreme, prosaic lifestyle and the esoteric. even if your curiosity in infinity is mathematical, philosophical, religious or simply simple curious, this obtainable booklet bargains a stimulating and interesting learn.

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Wolfson historical past Prize (2013)

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