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So he began a little speech, intended to give them both courage. “I sometimes think,” he said, “that you and I have become a bit pampered. Well, pampering does good dogs no harm, provided they The Hundred And One Dalmatians 41 don’t come to depend on it. If they do, they become old before their time. ) “Oh, I know we are worried about the puppies, but the more we worry, the less we shall be able to help them. We must be brave, we must even be gay, we must know we cannot fail. ” “Yes, Pongo,” said Missis.

The scratches formed letters. S. Someone was asking for help! Someone behind the tall wall and the high, chained gates! The Sheepdog barked a low, cautious bark. He was answered by a high, shrill bark. Then he heard a yelp, as if some dog had been cuffed. ” Then he picked up the bone in his teeth and raced back to the farm. Once home, he showed the bone to the tabby cat and asked her help. Then, together, they hurried to the lonely house. At the back they found a tree whose branches reached over the wall.

No, they won’t,” said Pongo. “The pups were stolen because they are valuable. No one will kill them. ” But even as he said this, a terrible suspicion was forming in his mind. And it grew and grew as the night wore on. Long after Missis and Perdita, utterly exhausted, had fallen asleep, he lay awake, staring at the fire, chewing the wicker of his basket as a man might have smoked a pipe. Anyone who did not know Pongo well would have thought him handsome, amusing, and charming, but not particularly clever.

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